Welcome to the 132nd Canton Fair
2022-09-30 19:45

The 132nd Canton Fair will open virtually on October 15. Compared with previous sessions, this session features larger exhibition scale, longer service time and more complete online functions, presenting to buyers around the world an all-weather platform for trade matchmaking.

During the Canton Fair, exhibitors and buyers can engage in all-weather networking on its official website. Starting from the 132nd Canton Fair, the website will provide services for half a year. After October 24, except for live-streaming and scheduling appointment, all other functions will be available till one month before the opening of the next Canton Fair. It will be convenient for buyers to find products, meet with exhibitors and seize more opportunities.

The official website has been further optimized for the 132nd session in the following 3 aspects. First, the login procedure for regular buyers has been improved. Buyers who already have an account of the Canton Fair website can log in more conveniently via an email link. Second, the search function has been optimized to provide more targeted inquiry of exhibitor and product. Specifically, buyers can filter exhibitors according to their export markets. Third, new important functions have been developed. Users can now send and receive files in instant communication, and check if someone is online. Exhibitors can use instant messaging and send business cards in new product releases, so as to improve the efficiency of trade matchmaking.

The 132nd Canton Fair official website is now open. Come and experience it:https://www.cantonfair.org.cn/zh-CN/login/mall/index#/login