Video Message by Foreign Minister Wang Yi At the Opening Ceremony of the Third Arctic Circle Assembly
2015-10-17 23:29

Your Excellency President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the invitation extended by President Grímsson to President Xi Jinping, China has sent a high-level delegation to the third Arctic Circle Assembly, and will hold a country session during the Assembly. Please allow me to first of all extend warm congratulations on the opening of the Assembly.

The Arctic Circle is an important platform for discussing Arctic issues and a useful addition to the inter-governmental mechanisms on Arctic affairs. As the "indicator of global change" and an emerging highlight in global development, the Arctic has drawn more and more attention from the international community. China is an important stakeholder in the Arctic. China's participation in Arctic affairs has always been guided by three principles: respect, cooperation and win-win. This is also the theme of China's country session.

Respect provides the important basis for China's participation in Arctic affairs. China respects Arctic countries' sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction in the Arctic, and the traditions and culture of Arctic indigenous people. China also believes that the legitimate concerns of non-Arctic countries and the rights they enjoy under international law in the Arctic and the collective interests of the international community should be respected.

Cooperation is the fundamental approach China follows in participating in Arctic affairs. China is ready to step up exchanges and cooperation with Arctic countries, non-Arctic countries and other stakeholders and work for concrete outcomes in a wide range of areas including climate change, scientific research, environmental protection, shipping, sustainable development and people-to-people exchanges.

Win-win results are the ultimate goals for China's participation in Arctic affairs. The future development of the Arctic bears on the common destiny of mankind. An Arctic that enjoys peace, security and sustainable development serves the interest of the Arctic region and people and the overall interest of the international community. China is ready to work with all parties to share opportunities, jointly meet challenges and strive for win-win results.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

To care for and explore the Arctic is the common mission of mankind. China will, as always, be committed to Arctic-related scientific research and practical cooperation, constructively and actively participate in Arctic affairs and make even more contribution to greater development of the Arctic.

In conclusion, I sincerely wish the third Arctic Circle Assembly a full success.